Tasting Thursday: Horchata 10W-40, Hi-Wire

On this weeks tasting Thursday Alec and Curt try out Horchata 10W-40 from Hi-Wire Brewing.


Alec: Today we will be trying Hi-Wire 10W-40 Horchata

Curt: This is a spin on their 10W-40 Stout, obviously the horchata version. It is going to have vanilla and amaretto. No this is not RumChata, do NOT order it by the shot like you would in college. It is going to smell and probably taste this same, but this is only 8% alcohol. Bottoms up.

Alec: You certainly taste the almond in it, with a smooth chocolate finish.

Curt: If you smell, there is a nose of amaretto in it which is fantastic, that combo is very good. The ABV on this is about 8%, so nothing too crazy, but the horchata definitely steps up the taste.

Alec: Hi-Wire is located in Asheville, North Carolina, where they have two locations. They are getting ready to open up their third location in Durham this fall.

Curt: Like I mentioned it's 8%, but definitely if you get a chance to try this, or pick it up in a bottle shop or in Asheville if you are visiting. Tune in next Thursday to see us try another beer. Leave a comment below on this beer if you have tried this beer, or have one you want us to taste.