Tasting Thursday: Light Pollution, Commonhouse Aleworks

Alec: Hey Guys I’m Alec, and today on Tasting Thursday we are honored to have our friend Hank from Commonhouse Aleworks in Charleston, South Carolina here to try one of his beers. What are we trying today, Hank?
Hank: We are trying Light Pollution which is a Galaxy double IPA, I wanted to say it was a double dry-hopped double IPA.
Alec: Well, let’s go-ahead and try it! Cheers!
Hank: Let’s launch it.
Alec: When you first smell and taste it you get the hops aroma, what kind of hops are you guys using?
Hank: So it is all galaxy and it is all late edition, so it is much more aroma driven and flavor driven than bitter. You will notice it is a juicy beer, this was a good batch of galaxy. Some papaya flavors, some mango some vanilla in there.
Alec: You definitely get the fruit when you taste it.
Hank: Yeah, I can smell it from here. It is very pungent, I love it.
Alec: So, if you guys are ever in Charleston make sure you check out his brewery. You guys just distribute in the Charleston area right now?
Hank: Yep, just in Charleston right now
Alec: Make sure you check them out! Thanks for tuning in, if you have any comments below let us know or if there is a specific beer you want us to try. Or if you have had this one, please let us know what you think of it. We will see you guys next week!
Hank: Come see us in Park Circle!