Tasting Thursday: Off Main + OYAH, Bull City Ciderworks

Alec: Hey guys I’m Alec

Curt: And I’m Curt

Alec: And today we are going to be trying a couple of ciders from our friends at Bull City Ciderworks, who have locations in both Lexington and Durham, North Carolina. The first one we are going to be trying it “Off Main”. Let’s go ahead and pour this. It has a great color to it.

Curt: Cheers!

Alec: That is refreshing!

Curt: I’ll tell you what, you want a good drinking cider, this is their go-to. Off Main is a semi-dry cider. Not crazy sweet, but also not going to be super dry to where it drives you a little nuts and drys out your mouth. This is 6% ABV, so not terrible for you. You can drink a few of these and be ok, just don’t drink them to quickly. Yeah, so this is Off Main, one of their more popular ones.  

Alec: And as always, they are gluten free.

Curt: Yeah, and they are gluten free so you have to love that. The next one we are going to try, is I guess you call it their “OYEAH”, OYAH. It’s “Orange you a Hippie”

Alec: Aren’t you glad you are a hippie?

Curt: We will finish this one real quick then move on the the other one. This one has orange peel and hibiscus flowers. Also another 6% ABV.

Alec: This looks like a groovy cider to try.

Curt: This is another go to for a lot of people. Beautiful color on all of theirs.

Alec: It tastes like punch cider, like you are at a party.

Curt: Yeah, that is actually part of it, if you look at the description of it that. Think fruit punch, a kick of some orange zest. It is a great cider.

Curt: Well guys, we appreciate you tuning in we tried some ciders this time. Obviously tune in next Thursday to see us try another beer or cider as always leave your comments below. If you have feedback on either of the ciders we have tried or have one you want us to try let us know.

Alec: Thanks guys!