Tasting Thursday: Paper Salesman Pale Ale, Dominon City

Curt: Hey guys, it’s curt. I’m here with Andrew from Dominion City, they are out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and today we are going to try the Paper Salesman Pale Ale. We are going to try it, then I am going to let him tell you a little more about it. Cheers! So Andrew, what is in this?

Andrew: So Paper Salesman Pale Ale is one of our hazy pale ales, it’s made with galaxy, mosaic hops. It was named after my business partners late father, who was a paper salesman. It is an honor to him and a hard days work.

Curt: That is awesome. It has some mango, it’s got some passion fruit. It is a fantastic hazy IPA. Again, it is a pale ale, so it’s not as full as those New England IPAs. Definitely get out and try this one if you get a chance. Well guys, tune in next Thursday as we do another tasting, on another beer this one is Paper Salesman, if you get a chance to try it when you’re up in Canada leave us your comments below on what you think about it. Tune in next Thursday and let us know what you think.

Andrew: Cheers!

Curt: Cheers!