Tasting Thursday: Pineapple Guava, Common Cider Company

This week we try out the Pineapple Guava cider from our friends at Common Cider Company.

Alec: Hey Guys, I’m Alec

Curt: And I’m Curt

Alec: And today for tasting Thursday we’re going to be trying the  Pineapple Guava cider from our friends at Common Cider, in Auburn, California.

Curt: So this is a Hawaiian themed cider that came as a seasonal in 2017, but obviously it has such a large response they brought it back. It is an off-dry cider

we’ll give it a shot and let you know what we think.

Alec: Hopefully this takes us to the islands

Curt: Heck yeah!

Alec: Cheers!

Alec: When you close your eyes and smell it, it has that beach feel to it.

Curt: It is blended well

Alec: Yeah, you definitely get the pineapple and the guava

Curt: Yeah you certainly smell pineapple right off the nose, but you get both in the taste. Yeah, that is really good.

Curt: They actually have a lot of cool cocktails on their website, so you can mix these with a lot of things. I can imagine this would be a pretty great thing to have on the beach.

Alec: And as always with the ciders they are gluten free.

Curt: As always thanks for tuning in, as always let us know if you have had this below. Be sure to tune in next Thursday to watch us try another beer, or cider.

Alec: Aloha guys!