Tasting Thursday: Superstition Meadery, Tahitian Honeymoon

This week we try out Tahitian Honeymoon by our friends at Superstition Meadery.

Alec: Hey Guys, I’m Alec

Curt: And I’m Curt

Alec: And today for tasting Thursday we’re going to be trying the Tahitian Honeymoon from our friends at Superstition Meadery out in Prescott, Arizona.

Curt: It a vanilla mead, that uses Tahitian vanilla beans. It is a semi-sweet mead that comes in at 13.5%.

Alec: Wow

Curt: Yeah, you are going to sit down and enjoy this one with friends. So we are just going to sip it, and give you a shot of what we think.

Alec: It’s our first mead, so we are excited.

Alec: You get vanilla right in the nose.

Curt: It smells so good.

Alec: you defeinetly get the vanilla

Curt: Wow yeah, I think that is really the mead way. You can defiantly get in trouble mead too fast and too much of it, again at that 13.5%. If you get out to Prescott, check out our friends at Superstition Meadery, they are making some great stuff. Enjoy it with friends, don’t drink it alone. As always we thank you guys for tuning in, tune in next week as we try another beer, cider or mead and let us know below if you have tried this.

Alec: Thanks guys.