Tasting Thursday: The Highbinder, Societe Brewing Co.

On this weeks Tasting Thursday our sales team tries out The Highbinder from our friends at Societe Brewing.

Alec: Hey guys, I’m Alec

Curt: And I’m Curt, today we have Luke joining us, we have the whole sales team joining us on this tasting.

Luke: What’s up guys.

Alec: Today we will be trying the Highbinder from our friends at Societe Brewing company out of San Diego, California. We picked this beer up a few weeks ago when we were out in the LA/San Diego area. I’m excited to try this one.

Luke: That smells strong. You can smell the raspberries right from the start.

Curt: Ohhh, it smells funky. Funky for sure.

Alec: Definitely get the raspberries

Luke: Yeah you can smell the raspberries and taste them. Definitely funky.

Curt: Yeah, it is aged on wine barrels and taste amazing.

Luke: I especially how it is light and very drinkable for how funky it is.

Alec: The color is great as well.

Luke: This is delicious.

Curt: Well thanks for tuning in, and watching us try Highbinder. Tune in next week as we try another beer, and leave a comment below if you have tried this beer. We look forward to seeing you next week!