Tasting Thursday: Unicornicopia, WISEACRE

This week Curt and Alec try out Unicornicopia by WISEACRE


On today's tasting Thursday Curt and Alec try Unicornicopia from WISEACRE. This saison was aged in red wine barrels with brettanomyces lambicus and raspberries. 

Alec: Hey I'm Alec

Curt: And I'm Curt

Alec: On Today's tasting Thursday we are trying a beer from WISEACRE brewery, just outside Memphis, in Tennessee. This beer is from 2017 and we got it from Taste of the Rarity Festival. This is a great festival they put on in that town, and they get a lot of great breweries involved from both in and out of state. The people of Memphis are so lucky to have that in their backyard. When we went last year, in 2017, we picked up this bottle! Defintatly smell the tequila in it, it is barrel aged in a tequila barrel, Belgian style with grapefruit added to it.

Curt: In addition to that tequila I'm getting the tart notes of grapefruit. Not overpowering however when tasting it.

Alec: The grapefruit is really pronounced and adds a nice fruit flavor to it.

Curt: That is a really good beer. If you are ever in Memphis, or see this in your local bottle shop pick up a bottle of this, or any of WISEACRE's products. This was a really good one. Next Thursday we are going to try another beer, as always leave a comment below if you have tried this beer, or if there is a beer you would like us to try!