Tip Tuesday: Adding New Users in Ekos

On this weeks Tip Tuesday, we take a look at how to add users in Ekos.

Today’s tip is about adding new users on your team. Ekos provides unlimited user logins and we recommend providing one for each of your team members working in the system.  

As a Management user, you can navigate to the double arrow tab, and down to the Users link. Here you will provide the name, email address, and security profile type this new user will have.

You can choose between Management, Sales, Production, Delivery, or Taproom security profiles – each of which have different capabilities. Not sure which security profile works best for your team? Take a look at the Knowledge Base article titled Security Profile Type Overview.

After you’ve completed the requested information, you simply Save the new user and let Ekos take over.This new user will receive an email with instructions on how to log in for the first time and set their personal, secured password.

So whenever a new person joins your team, make sure to add them as a User in Ekos so they can get to work without missing a beat. That’s it for today’s tip - we’ll see you next time!