Tip Tuesday: Batch and Equipment Plans

See how Ekos can save you time by optimizing the way you plan batches, along with assigning equipment needed!

Today’s tip is about optimizing your Ekos through planned batches and equipment. Whether you plan your batches through the Planning icon, facility view, or Production icon, you can schedule your upcoming batches and assign the equipment pieces for each task.

Planning batches helps users schedule their upcoming production days and allocate batches across tanks. This information will also feed into the forecasting tool, which allows users to effectively plan ingredient purchasing and usage.

Creating an equipment plan allows you to set what tanks or vessels you plan to use for each task, giving you more insight into the available space on the production floor. This helps reduce the opportunity for double-booking tanks, and give your team a better understanding of the work to come. If you need to edit an Equipment Plan before starting the batch, you can do so through the Batch Overview, by expanding the Overview section and selecting Equipment Plan.

That’s it for today’s tip – see you next time!