Tip Tuesday: Batch Overview Page

View your batches in a whole new way with our new batch overview page.

Today’s tip is about the Batch Overview, which shows on all planned, in-progress, and closed batches for a quick glance of important details. This overview includes information on the Brewhouse, Fermentation, Conditioning, Packaging, and WIP efficiency, and lets you see top stats for each.

Each section is shown in a collapsed view to save room on your screen, allowing you to choose the specific section you want expanded. When collapsed, you’ll get a high level detail of batch information related to that section.

To save you more time, you can add a new task directly from these sections. By clicking the plus sign, you can choose the task, select the date it will occur, and plan out the details. Ekos will then add it to the batch without you having to navigate to the specific day. Whether it’s adding a fermentation log, planning a packaging run, or adding an equipment plan, the Batch Overview saves you time, allowing you to make more.

That’s it for today’s tip – see you next time!