Tip Tuesday: Benefits of Adding Sales Reps

On this weeks Tip Tuesday, we look at how, and why adding Sales Representatives in Ekos can greatly help out.


On today's Tip Tuesday, we're talking about the benefits of adding Sales Reps in Ekos. While each person has a login to Ekos, you can create a Sales Rep tag onto your sales team logins to assist in tracking metrics, regions, and customer lists.

By using the Sales Rep tag, managers have better insight into the success of their individual salespersons and can pull reports and data for customer date ranges. This feature also assists in setting goals for your sales team based on historical customer purchases, volume of orders based on month, or custom trends.

In addition to allowing more insight into reporting and metrics, having Sales Reps in Ekos allows your team to filter by their name and get a focused look at their specific customers. This information also feeds into the "my Sales Dashboard", which gives the logged in user a detailed look at their sales, customers, and current invoices.

While adding Sales Reps is not a required feature of Ekos, it is a valuable tool to provide managers and owners with specific, focused data that will help manage the overall functions of the sales team.