Tip Tuesday: Bookmark Feature

On this weeks tip Tuesday Michelle dives into the bookmark feature in ekos.


Today's tip is about a time saving feature of Ekos known as the recently used bookmark. Found in the upper right-hand corner of Ekos, this bookmark will populate a list of recently visited placed in Ekos. When you want to jump back to the invoice you were viewing a few pages ago, navigate to this bookmark icon and find the invoice you need. In this list, you'll see each item listed with the area of Ekos it's found in, as well as the specific record number. 

Next time you want to go back in Ekos history, check out the recently used bookmark. It is found next to the in the top right hand corner. Remember, that ? sends you to our user Knowledge Base that has many instructional and educational articles on how to use Ekos. 

Thanks for listening to today's tip – we'll see you next Tuesday!