Tip Tuesday: Customer Activities

On this weeks Tip Tuesday Michelle shows how using the customer activites function helps you and your team stay organized.


Today’s tip is about assigning activities and managing your customer relations in Ekos. A customer activity can be used to record a sales call, a drop-in visit, or serve as a reminder to reach out if someone hasn’t ordered in a while. Both management and sales users are able to create and manage activities, and select the salesperson that will complete that specific task.  

Your sales team is busy and needs a fast way to record communication with their customers. With activities, you can record interactions that have already taken place, plan a visit for the future, and create follow-up tasks as needed and can do so from any device.   Each activity that is created will show on the Sales user’s home page, under the daily planner. You can also create to-do tasks within this same planner, giving you another level of organization.

If you’re looking to find a list of all activities within a certain time period, say for this month, Ekos provides a report that breaks them down and allows you as a manager to get a high-level view of your team’s schedule.

Whether you use activities to track upcoming meetings or when you drop off samples, they’ll help you stay organized in Ekos.  Thanks for listening to today’s tip – see you next Tuesday!