Tip Tuesday: Customer Management

Today’s tip is on the many ways you can manage your customer information in Ekos. Each customer has a profile where you can specify their region, customer classification, pricelist, and more.

You can include notes about the customer and their preferences for delivery, and choose whether these notes are visible to the customer or are meant only for your internal team. To ensure customer visits
and calls are being completed as expected, encourage your Sales team to schedule activities in Ekos to help keep them on track. When a user logs into their Sales profile in Ekos, they’ll see these activities
populate on their homepage under the Daily Planner.

The more information you can enter on customer and lead profiles, the more reporting power you will have when it comes to reviewing your customer base. If you’re looking for more you can add to a
company profile, head to our Knowledge Base to by clicking the Help widget in the bottom right corner of your home page.

That’s it for today’s tip – see you next time!