Tip Tuesday: Deposit Item Returns

On this week's Tip Tuesday, we take a look at how to use the Knowledge Base in Ekos.

Today’s tip is about managing deposit item returns for your customers. In Ekos, you can associate a

deposit item to a finished good that will be charged each time it is sold.

The most common deposit item tracked in Ekos is a keg deposit, which can be managed directly through the customer profile.

When deposit items are sold on an invoice, the deposit amount and item quantity are tracked for that

customer. When the customer returns the deposit items, a credit will be issued to their account allowing you to apply it directly to a customer invoice.

To make it simple for the user, you can return deposit items from an invoice or through the customer profile. These deposit returns can also be managed through the shipments portal when your team is making deliveries, making it easy to access from anywhere.

That’s it for today’s tip – see you next time!