Tip Tuesday: Ekos + POS Integration

Ekos' POS integration gives your team a centralized data hub for inventory, sales, and accounting. Allowing your POS solution to sync to with QuickBooks or Xero.

Today’s tip is about syncing your POS with Ekos and how this connection can help streamline your business. Ekos integrates with both Arryved and Square point of sale systems, and pulls sales data while also depleting your taproom inventory.

With the add-on module for POS integration, Ekos will sync sales data from your POS into daily transactions files. This sync provides detailed breakdowns of items, taxes, discounts, tips, and more. Ekos creates new financial accounts to correspond with the new POS item classes, allowing you to add on the integration without missing a beat.

With taproom data syncing to Ekos, and Ekos syncing to your accounting software, you have all your data in a central hub.

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