Tip Tuesday: Going Live With Ekos

This week we take a look at the process of going live with Ekos.


Today's tip is reviewing what it means to Go Live in Ekos. After you've completed your onboarding and implementation timeline with our Customer Success team, you have the opportunity to Go Live. Going Live means your system is fully operational for your entire team, and all daily activities are maintained in the system to manage proper inventory, purchasing, production, sales, and accounting. 

Being Live is achieved when your raw materials, packaging items, finished goods, and in-progress inventories are up to date and also when your customer and supplier information is accurate. Basically, when everything in Ekos reflects everything in reality. 

There are two ways to go live in Ekos – one is by taking yourself live which is called unassisted, and the other is through our Support team, which is called Assisted.  

Not sure which method works best for you? Reach out to your Customer Success rep to talk through the process and decide which route will be most successful for your team.  

That's it for today – see you next Tuesday!