Tip Tuesday: Lot Tracking in Ekos

Today we are looking at the benefits of Ekos lot tracking and some of the functions it has that will help you make more!

Today’s tip is on the Ekos lot tracking feature and how it helps you stay organized and keep your materials fresh. By enabling this included feature, you’re able to track inventory, raw materials, and finished goods, and hand pick which lot is to be used in production or sold on an invoice.

Once Lot Tracking is enabled, Ekos will automatically place all finished goods and WIP items into default lots, and continue auto-assigning lots for you. If you already have custom lot IDs being used at your facility, you can easily use them within Ekos and transfer the items as needed.

With Ekos Lot Tracking, you’re able to set expiration dates and customize the Lot Picking Method to First In First Out, Last In First Out, or First Expired First Out. You can even use different picking methods for different items as needed, giving you more flexibility and personalization. If you’re interested in utilizing Lot Tracking, reach out to the Ekos team for more information and to get started today.

That’s for today’s tip – see you next time!