Tip Tuesday: Repackaging Finished Goods

Today’s tip is about repackaging finished goods in Ekos using the Item Transform tool.

Oftentimes you may need to break a 1/2 bbl keg into three sixtels, or vice versa, in order to complete a customer or distributor request.

By using the item transform tool, you can return the 1/2 bbl shell to the correct location while consuming any extra components required to make the final three sixtels. These components could include additional keg caps, keg collars, or any other items necessary.

You can repackage volume through the item transform tool in a variety of ways. Some of which are breaking kegs into cases, a half barrel into sixtels, or creating your seasonal variety packs. As long as the volumes of the original finished good matches the volume in the new finished goods, you can repackage them as needed.

The next time you need to create inventory from existing finished goods, look to the item transform tool found through the double arrow tab.

That’s it for today’s tip – see you next time!