Tip Tuesday: Setting Closing Periods

On this weeks Tip Tuesday, we look at how to set closing periods in ekos.

Today’s tip is about the benefit of setting Closing Periods in Ekos. A closing period is set to prevent users from making changes to any transactions dated on or before the chosen closing date. This date will likely correspond to the closing period set in your accounting software.  

Before setting your closing period each month, we recommend reviewing all inventory receipts, batches, invoices, and deliveries for that time period to ensure all items have been posted and updated as needed. This workflow allows management users to check on each area of Ekos, review any outstanding tasks, and address any items before closing down the period. 


Closing periods are also essential for controlling production changes that would affect tax forms generated inside of ekos. This tool will help make sure all the loose ends are tied up at the end of each month, setting you up for success in the future. 


That's it for today – see you next Tuesday!