Tip Tuesday: Turning on Invoice Notifications for Available Customer Credit

Today's tip is on leveraging a notification feature that will show your Sales team how much credit a customer has on their account.  


This invoice notification can be enabled through your Facility Settings by checking the box next to “Enable Credit Messages”, under the Accounting and Invoicing section. Any user with a Management level security profile can update this field. 


By checking this box, any time an invoice is generated in Ekos, a yellow bar will appear displaying the total remaining credit balance for the customer.  


This is a valuable feature for Sales teams to ensure all available credits are being applied to open invoices at the appropriate time. When there are available customer credits, you can select the Return Deposit button directly on the invoice screen to apply credits as needed. You can also apply these credits through the customer profile. 


If you want to make sure your customer credits are applied in a timely manner, turn on this handy invoice notification. 


That's it for today’s tip – we'll see you next time!