Tip Tuesday: Using the Knowledge Base

On this week's Tip Tuesday, we take a look at how to use the Knowledge Base in Ekos.

On today's Tip Tuesday, we're going to touch on the Ekos Knowledge base. What is the Knowledge Base you ask? Think of it as a user guide that is always available to answer your questions.

Along with our free, unlimited support, our Knowledge Base is filled with instructional videos, articles, and recorded webinars that cover a wide range of topics within Ekos —from adding items and calculating your taxes to selling products to your customers.


Are you the type who likes to research answers on your own before asking a question? With the Knowledge Base's search function, you can type in keywords for the topic at hand and see related articles to help narrow your results.

Ekos provides a list of your recently visited and related articles at the bottom of each page to give you a guiding hand as you continue your research.

Are you searching for an answer that isn't provided in the Knowledge Base? Do you have recommendations or suggestions on how we can improve this resource? Let us know!

We are consistently editing articles, adding content, and recording new videos to give our users a better experience and valuable information.

If you are an Ekos user, click here to log in and head over to the Knowledge Base and start exploring all the resources available to you!

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