Tip Tuesday: Visual Indicators on the Facility View

On this weeks Tip Tuesday, we look at the benefits and what you see when using the facility view in Ekos.

Today’s tip is all about what you see on the facility view. Available on any device, it’s easy for your team to move inventory, check batches, and understand what’s happening in every location through a quick glance. 


This tool will help your team get organized by providing easy, clickable access into each area for an overview of what’s inside. For those that operate multiple locations and barrel warehouses, there are tabs on your Facility View that allow you to navigate between each site easily.  


You can select different coloring codes for the products you create, and that color will appear on the facility view to show it throughout the production process. Ekos will also alert you with a red, dotted circle around a tank to indicate there are overdue tasks on that batch. 


Whether you’re on the production floor or in a business meeting, you’re able to see your production

processand update it as need with the Ekos Facility View. 


Thanks for listening to today’s tip - we’ll see you next Tuesday!