TTB Reporting for your BROP in Ekos

See how we've enhanced populating your TTB Reporting numbers and given you the ability to drill down to see where these numbers are coming from.

TTB Reporting - It’s your biggest beast that no one wants to tackle. Your own personal 4 letter word. It makes you procrastinate more ANYTHING else. And unfortunately, it’s a must to keep your business in operation.

At Ekos, we know the love-hate relationship brewers have with Brewers Report of Operations. 

We’re here to partner with your team to help save time and energy while filing. Ekos takes all the inventory, production, and sales numbers entered in your customized brewery management system to populate BROP fields for your brewery.  We’ve upgraded this feature to provide more flexibility during the production process. Giving you the ability to keep up with seasonal products – while not having to restart the process for new products each time in your system.

But that's not all – we now make it easy to drill down into those cells to see exactly where the data is being pulled from. Providing more transparencies to any oversights that may come up. These insights are also represented through custom dashboards that your team will want to keep an eye on concerning your BROP information.

We’d love to walk you through how Ekos handles TTB reporting. Email us at for a demo. If you are a current Ekos user - please reach out to our Support Team for more info.