Tip Tuesday: Using Historical Purchase Pricing

For this week's Tip Tuesday we look at how to use historical pricing information when purchasing ingredients and materials!

Today’s tip is about using historical pricing information when purchasing ingredients and materials.  


Each time you add an item to a purchase order or inventory receipt, you’ll see that item’s purchase history populate below. You can view this information as reference to see cost trends for the life of that item, or you can apply that price directly to your current order.  


Using a historical cost is as simple as selecting Use on the line for the price you want to apply. Once the desired price is selected, Ekos calculates the total item cost based on the amount of units entered. 


This purchase history also breaks down by vendor, giving you a quick comparison of costs from all past orders, regardless of who you purchased from.   


Don’t worry about remembering the cost of your last item purchase– let Ekos provide you with that history each time you place an order. 


Thanks for listening to today’s tip –see ya next Tuesday!