why choose Ekos over OrchestratedBEER

Your business deserves brewery management software that is flexible, scalable, and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

the Ekos advantage

“OrchestratedBEER is time-consuming, overly complicated and difficult to use. The people using the software were spending 30-50% of their workday trying to do the most basic tasks… Ekos is miles ahead of OrchestratedBEER in terms of usability on a day-to-day basis.”
– Craig Melton, COO, TrimTabBrewing

how we compare

Feature Ekos OrchestratedBEER
Inventory management & cost allocation Ekos Green Checkmark Ekos Gray Checkmark
Production planning & scheduling Ekos Green Checkmark Ekos Gray Checkmark
Drag-and-drop to advance a batch or move inventory visually Ekos Green Checkmark Ekos
Visual floorplan view tailored to your brewery’s layout & equipment Ekos Green Checkmark Ekos
Flexible proprietary platform built with brewers in mind Ekos Green Checkmark Ekos
Real-time data with no delayed upload period Ekos Green Checkmark Ekos
QuickBooks & Xero accounting integration Ekos Green Checkmark Ekos
U.S. Brewers Report of Operations Ekos Green Checkmark Ekos Gray Checkmark
Custom reports for inventory, sales, production, & financials Ekos Green Checkmark Ekos Gray Checkmark
Sales order management & invoicing capabilities Ekos Green Checkmark Ekos Gray Checkmark
Square integration with invoice creation & inventory depletion Ekos Green Checkmark Ekos
Arryved integration with invoice creation & inventory depletion Ekos Green Checkmark Ekos
Cloud-based system available on any device Ekos Green Checkmark Ekos
Unlimited users at no extra cost Ekos Green Checkmark Ekos
All-in-one mobile app available (at no extra cost) Ekos Green Checkmark Ekos
Unlimited, in-house technical support at no extra charge Ekos Green Checkmark Ekos

Why switch to Ekos from OrchestratedBEER? Instead of rejiggering a big, complicated ERP platform to fit the unique needs of the brewing industry, we built Ekos specifically for brewers, made it flexible enough for scaling companies, and added regular software updates. We know that a brewery management system is more effective when your entire team can use it, which is why we don’t charge you for extra sign ins and you can access Ekos from anywhere on any device. Plus, you can continue using QuickBooks or Xero and have all your financial information in Ekos sync over to your accounting platform. And with our POS and ecommerce integrations with Square, Arryved, and Commerce7, syncing your online or taproom sales with your brewery software is effortless. It’s as easy as that as to why choose Ekos over OrchestratedBEER.

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