Discounted Billing Options for Existing Customers

Thank you for being an Ekos customer. We love being a part of your growth and helping you run your business better.

As we shared via email, we are beginning the process of moving all our existing customers to a new price. Because you are a longtime Ekos customer, we are dedicated to offering options to help move you to our new pricing slowly, with substantial discounts over the next 1-3 years to make this transition easier for you.

Billing Options

This chart lays out each of your billing options. Each is designed to slowly increase your price over each payment in the renewal agreement. Choosing options with longer renewal lengths and less billing frequency will give you a bigger average discount, ranging from 15% to 50%.

Renewal LengthBilling FrequencyYear 1Year 2Year 3Average discount across full term
# of paymentsAverage discount# of paymentsAverage discount# of paymentsAverage discount
1 yearmonthly (default if no renewal signed)1215%15%
2 yearmonthly for 15 months, then quarterly1240%610%25%
3 yearmonthly for 18 months, then quarterly1255%835%415%35%

If you do not sign a renewal agreement with Ekos by your October billing date, you will continue to be billed monthly but will receive a lower discount than the other options. If you aren’t sure which billing option you would like, we recommend that you choose the 2-year monthly/quarterly version as it offers a substantial 25% discount and allows you to continue monthly billing for 15 months.

Feature Tiers (Essentials/Plus/Professional)

In the email that you received with your new pricing, you will also see the tier that best matches the features you are currently using in Ekos. If you would like more information about the tiers that we offer, click here to view the feature breakdowns of the tiers. Changing tiers will affect your new price and available features, so please choose “I want to talk to a Customer Success Manager” in the form at the bottom of this page to set up a conversation and dive into your price options.

Next Steps

Please fill out this form to make your selection for your renewal agreement, or choose to speak with a Customer Success Manager if you have more questions. They are here to help you decide which terms you would like on your renewal agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are increasing our prices to better reflect the value that we bring to our customers. Over the past few years, we have made major improvements to our platform, increased our customer service and support functions, driven new innovations, and launched new capabilities like Ekos Order Hub and the Shopify integration. And we recently announced that Ekos Order Hub is a core part of our package for all Essentials, Plus, and Professionals customers.

We also heard from our customers that they’d prefer pricing based on their size. That’s why we’re switching to production volume-based pricing, to give scalable options for craft businesses of all sizes.

The price increase also allows us to reinvest in improving our product in a few key ways:

  • Strengthening the foundation of the software: The team is continuing to improve speed, usability, and the overall user experience with additional updates, including the upcoming launch of bulk inventory transfer functionality and a new workflow for inventory adjustments which saves users significant time on key tasks.
  • Connecting the craft supply chain: Ekos is rolling out new software integrations, partnerships, and product improvements across the supply chain to help businesses better manage the flow of raw materials and goods from production through multiple sales channels. Each new connection point will help businesses get greater visibility into their available inventory and sales channels so they can better plan resources and production schedules to meet demand.
  • Increasing data visibility and actionable insights: Ekos is linking the disparate parts of the supply chain together and helping businesses move beyond point solutions and spreadsheets to access valuable data and business intelligence. With a flow of information through a centralized business management platform, craft producers can have all of the data at their fingertips to propel their businesses forward.

You can check out the pricing page on our website for a high level overview of the pricing tiers. We offer three tiers — Essentials, Plus, and Professional — which provide different features for businesses of different sizes. We aim to align each customer with a package that delivers the value that is right for you at your current stage, whether you just need the basics to get started or you need a robust system to manage thousands of barrels or cases each year.

  • The Essentials package provides the basics of Ekos to help you manage inventory and production and is a great starting point for new businesses. As you grow and need more functionality, you can easily upgrade to the next tier.
  • The Plus package gives you everything you get in Essentials, plus TTB reporting, an accounting integration, keg tracking, custom reporting, and the ability to add on a POS or ecommerce integration.
  • The Professional package allows you to manage additional production facilities and implement lot tracking to help ensure the safety and quality of your product. It is best for large, growing businesses with more complexity than a single production facility.

All three of our packages include Ekos Order Hub as a part of the core platform, giving you the ability to manage third-party or self-distribution with ease.

No problem. Reach out to our Customer Success team at to set up a call and they can walk you through your options and answer any questions.

If you are not yet on an Essentials, Plus, or Professionals package, you will have Ekos Order Hub enabled once you renew.

To learn how to use Ekos Order Hub, you can click here to sign up for an upcoming Ekos Academy Live training session.