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You have specific cider making processes and cidery management needs. We’ll help you streamline the basics, simplify your workflow, and smooth your production process with customized features that allow Ekos Cidermaker to work how you work — so you can make more unique cider.

cidery management software
Beer Inventory Icon


Use one screen to monitor all your craft cider Inventory.

With all the varieties of cider you’re making it’s essential to know what ingredients you have on hand and how much cider you’ve already produced.

  • Use the visual facility view or a reporting format to track your current cider Inventory
  • Keep your Inventory updated as you go — so it’s always accurate
  • Track raw ingredient Inventory and project when your next order needs to be placed
  • Plan for the future by analyzing cost patterns of your craft cider
cidery management software
Beer Production icon


Customize every stage of your craft cider making production process.

We know the craft cider making process is different from other craft beverages. We’ve worked hard to make it easy for you to customize any part of your cider production process.

  • Begin the cider making process in any tank you choose and start with as many bases as desired
  • After fermentation, split out batches to create many variations of your final product
  • Use reporting format or dashboard view to monitor your cider Production stats
  • Calculating Production costs are automatic and help in future planning
  • Keep up-to-date Production logs for your cider fermentation and conditioning process - as well as maintenance records
  • Report of Wine Premises Operations made simple
cidery management software
Beer Sales icon


Track and manage cider Sales with ease, so you can make more of ‘em!

Answers at your fingertips! Use your mobile devices to keep track of what you’ve got on hand so your Sales team has the information they need to sell your cider.

  • Sales pipeline is available to view from anywhere, on any device
  • Make sure you can fulfill orders by checking your cider inventory on the go
  • Use your phone to create and send invoices
  • Use the CRM hub to check pending deliveries, order updates, and outstanding activities
  • The custom CRM reporting tools lets you monitor your ongoing Sales performance
cidery management software
Beer Accounting icon


Keep tabs on all your Finances with this hub.

Know every move of every dollar and get familiar with the rhythm of your business financials.

  • Integrates seamlessly with Xero and QuickBooks (Desktop and Online editions) to keep all your finances in a central location
  • Quick Overview Dashboard that shows all of your current cidery financials
  • TTB Reporting specific for cider makers
  • Easily generate the Report of Wine Premises Operations or 702 Report
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Knowing the Guts of Your Craft Cider Business

Dive deep into your organization with this free PDF. Get practical advice that will help you run your craft cidery more efficiently, produce more, and continue to succeed year after year.

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We launched Ekos prior to opening our doors for business, we knew before we started that we had to have an automated product that would allow us to manage batches from grain to glass.”

Philip, President, Wicked Barley Brewing
Jacksonville, FL

Ekos made us think more in detail of what we were doing to help grow the business.”

Andrew, Owner, D9 Brewing Company
Cornelius, NC

We couldn’t have managed 30% growth over 2 years without Ekos giving us a snapshot of what was going on.”

Dave, Accountant, Port City Brewing Company
Alexandria, Virginia

From packaging product to the sales, there was a lot of paperwork happening from taking the order to knowing what’s available. Ekos helped streamline that information and gave us the ability to generate docs and delivery routes.”

Derek, Ops Manager, Bad Tattoo Brewing Company
Vancouver, British Columbia

Ekos is the best way to run a brewery business and it is priced right.”

Jack, Owner, Eleven Lakes
Cornelius, NC

While going through my initial training on the system, it was evident the system had been designed by working with brewers to find out what worked and didn't work in their current systems.”

Jon, Director of Ops, Solace Brewing
Sterling, VA

Beer Keg Tracking


Track it like it's hot. Keg Tracking is here!

Knowing what you have in your inventory for both raw materials and packaged cider is key in running an efficient and profitable cidery. With Ekos Cidermaker, you can use our blending tools to help you plan ahead—you'll never run out of the ingredients and materials you need to make more of your delicious cider!

  • View inventory in a reporting format for a more visual format
  • Update Inventory as it's used, sor your walk-ins is ready to go
  • Track inventory and forecast when you'll need to purchase more
  • Identify cost patterns and plan for the future of your cidery

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