TTB report generation for beer_

Save hours on this necessary task

key benefits

  • Tag items in the system to make report generation seamless every month
  • Pull reports with the latest data on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis
  • Drill down into each number of the report to see where the data came from
  • Protect data by setting closing periods on reports once you’ve reviewed them

We hear it time and time again: One of the most frustrating things about owning a craft beer business is the paperwork. From permits and licenses to tax and compliance reporting, administrative tasks take time away from running your business and building relationships with your team.

With TTB report generation in Ekos, you can save 10+ hours per month on this time-consuming task. We help with your monthly or quarterly Brewers Report of Operations by automatically filling in the fields that correspond to data in Ekos, including fermentation, packaging, and invoicing. You can also generate reports for your Excise Tax Returns to see amounts due. The fields are dynamic and drill-capable, meaning the reports are pulled with the most recent data in your Ekos site and you can click on cells to see where the data came from.

With this functionality, you can troubleshoot any potential discrepancies before the tax period ends. This also gives you greater transparency into the daily processes at your facility. Once you’ve read, reviewed, and approved the report for submission, you can set a closing period to ensure no further changes are made without your approval. These reports require a management security profile in Ekos, so only those who need access to the reports can view them.

Disclaimer: The information provided on TTB reports in Ekos is generated using data within Ekos and is our understanding of what should be provided. Please consult a tax representative or the TTB directly for specifics.