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Cellar Manager

As a Cellar Manager, you have a full plate. Managing inventory and working with production and sales to ensure product is allocated correctly is top of mind. Let Ekos help keep your workload perfectly organized. With Ekos, you can use custom reporting and department dashboards, create packaging plans for each batch and see updated real-time inventory.

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Cellar Manager


Custom Reporting and Department Dashboards

Ekos offers detailed, customizable reports that provide information on all areas of the business. These reports can be turned into dashboards, allowing for greater insight into what is in your cellar and what is on the way.

·       Dashboards to give individual users insight into their inventory and production numbers

·       Production reports and dashboards that show schedule, planned ingredient usage, packaging plans, and details specific to your operations

·       Reports ranging from COGS, finished goods on hand, sales metrics, taproom activity, and excise tax – just to name a few


Task Management for teams/individuals

Ekos treats all batches as projects – allowing you, the head honcho, to break out the batch into specific tasks. With the freedom to assign tasks to your team members, you gain full visibility into each step of the batch process.

·       View the batch from a high level overview, or expand into a detailed format

·       Have individual task lists per user, allowing for focused work

·       Schedule batch events, such as dry hopping, on the exact day it happens


Updated Real-Time Inventory

Understanding where your inventory is at all times is imperative to the planning process. Ekos updates your inventory in real time when ingredients are used in batches or finished goods are created. Having live data available at the click of a button lets you rest easy that you're on track.

·       With a simple click on the facility view, check inventory in each storage location

·       Run reports on current inventory, whether raw materials or finished goods

·       See real time updates as multiple users are working in the system


Packaging Plans for each batch

Adding packaging plans for each batch in your brewing calendar allows you to estimate the finished good products that will come from a specific batch. These plans feed into your forecasting tool, allowing your team (especially sales) to see the anticipated finished good inventory coming down the line.

·       Plan out specific quantities, in specific packaging types

·       View the quantity planned versus quantity packaged, to know if you met your goal

·       Feed into the forecasting tool, allowing you to see the difference between quantities packaged versus quantity on invoices. You know where you may fall short.

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