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Delivery Driver

As a delivery driver, you're on the road daily making sure the brewery kegs get to the customer through your self-distribution routes. You talk to many people a day who each have specific needs for their order. The needs start to add up, but it's easy to forget a few here or there. With Ekos cloud-based sales and distribution software, it's easy to know all the info about your accounts, routes, and inventory while you're delivering product. Below are some of the top features that will help your team, including account history, distribution routes, keg tracking, and keg return management.

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Delivery Driver


Account History & Notes

Ekos stores all customer information within their profile. You can view all sales orders, invoices, deposits, and notes associated with that specific customer from any device, whether you're in the warehouse or on the road. You can even track emails sent via Ekos, as well as sales activities and custom delivery times.

  • View all history by specific customer, allowing you a focused look into their patterns 
  • Ensure invoices have been emailed through the Email History section 
  • Track delivery status, complete deliveries, and add other events and notes through the Activities section 


Create Delivery Routes & Pick Lists

Ekos sales and distribution software helps you create delivery schedules, assign invoices to drivers, and manage the delivery process through our Shipments icon. You can also generate pick lists, which include a count of all items to be delivered.

  • Monitor open and closed deliveries to track driver efficiency and performance 
  • Assign invoices to delivery drivers, track delivery status, and post invoices upon delivery 
  • Create a bill of lading to show all items being shipped, including associated weight information 


Keg Tracking

Ekos offers an additional module to track kegs from packaging to customer sale to keg return. Asset tracking is beneficial for all team members, and delivery drivers can track the exact used keg pulled for each customer.

  • Scan a large number of kegs at one time for management approval and credit allocation 
  • Get insight into the movements of each asset using the bar code to see its unique history 
  • Use your mobile device for easy scanning with the Ekos app for iPhone and Android


Keg Return Management

Delivery drivers can return used kegs on the spot through the Ekos app and can apply credits directly to invoices. With Ekos, you'll always know whether a customer has returned a keg and easily be able to keep track of keg deposits and credits.

  • Receive used kegs and apply deposit credits immediately, updating the invoice balance  
  • Manage the total brewery kegs at customers, and adjust if there are discrepancies  

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