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You are constantly communicating and ensuring your team and customers are getting the correct product numbers and information. You make sure your products are properly rotated and distributed to vendors. Knowing when a batch will be ready to package, the location of kegs, and how much inventory you need in stock to fulfill orders are all things you have to stay on top of. Ekos has four top features that will help - raw material & finished goods inventory forecasting, keg tracking, future packaging plans for your batches, and real-time inventory updates.

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Inventory Specialist


Raw Material & Finished Goods Inventory Forecasting

Forecasting raw ingredients and completed goods is critical to keeping a regular brewing calendar and correct invoices. With this tool, you can see the planned raw ingredient usage by category based on the batches you have planned, in addition to anticipated packaging types.

  • Filter by month, week, or year – getting the exact dates you want to see
  • View fluctuations of completed goods based on scheduled packaging plans and invoices
  • Know where your ingredients are coming up short and set reorder points
  • Click into columns to view details on associated purchase orders, inventory receipts, batches, or invoices


Keg Tracking

Ekos offers a featured module to track assets, like kegs, from the time they are packaged to when a customer returns them. Tracked kegs give Inventory Specialists better insight into the exact location and product freshness.

  • Scan new assets directly at the time they are received through inventory receipts in Ekos
  • Complete a keg check to ensure proper quantities of tracked kegs on hand and available at the facility
  • Every item that is tracked using a bar code will have a history, giving you further insight into the movement of the product


Future Packaging Plans for Your Batches

Ekos lets you add packaging plans for future batches. This helps you estimate the finished good products that will come from batches after they are completed. These plans help your team (especially sales) see the anticipated inventory that will be available in the future.

  • Plan exact quantities in exact packaging types
  • See the quantity planned against the quantity packaged to see if you met production goals
  • Add to the production calendar forecasting tool, helping you see the difference between quantities packaged versus quantity on invoices and whether you have enough inventory to fulfill orders.


Inventory in Real-Time

Knowing where your inventory is at all times is critical to the planning process. Our software updates your inventory in real-time when raw ingredients are used in batches or finished goods are created. You easily get live data at the click of a button or tap of your phone screen, allowing you to rest easy.

  • Click on the facility view, to check inventory in all storage locations
  • Run reports on raw or finished goods inventory
  • See real-time updates as users are working in Ekos from anywhere with any device

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