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Logistics Coordinator

As a logistics coordinator staying organized is a MUST. You deal with multiple pieces of the business to help get the product to the consumer. Spreadsheets become messy and annoying to deal with - creating hours of manual work for you. Ekos eliminates the need for spreadsheets, while continually syncing information across the entire organization - keeping ever area of your team in real time. Below are 4 features in Ekos ready to help optimize your team - packaging plans for your batches, delivery routes, the Ekos shipping dashboard, and keg tracking module.

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Logistics Coordinator


Packaging Plans for Each Batch

Adding packaging plans for each batch allows you to estimate the finished good products that will come from a specific batch. These plans feed into your forecasting tool, allowing your team (especially sales) to see the anticipated finished good inventory coming down the line.

  • Plan out specific quantities, in specific packaging types 
  • View the quantity planed versus quantity packaged, to know if you met your goal 
  • Feed into the forecasting tool, allowing you to see the difference between quantities packaged versus quantity on invoices. You know where you may fall short. 


Create Delivery Routes & Pick Lists

Ekos helps you create delivery schedules, assign invoices to drivers, and manage the delivery process through our Shipments icon. You can also generate pick lists, which include a count of all items to be delivered.

  • Monitor open and closed deliveries to track driver efficiency and performance 
  • Assign invoices to delivery drivers, track delivery status, and post invoices upon delivery. 
  • Create a bill of lading to show all items being shipped, including associated weight information. 


Shipping Dashboard

As the Logistics Coordinator on your team, you need to know the movements of everything entering and leaving your facility. With Ekos, there are many tools to help you stay on track and get organized.

  • By using the Forecasting Tool, you can prepare for future shipments of ingredients and plan out delivery routes based on draft invoices.
  • Assign invoices to specific delivery routes, and print the pick list directly through the Shipments portal.
  • Manage keg deposits for each customer through their assigned delivery record and apply credits as needed.


Keg Return Management

Return kegs on the spot through the Ekos ap, with the ability to apply credits directly to invoices.

  • Receive empty kegs and apply deposit credits immediately, updating the invoice balance  
  • Manage the total kegs at customers, and adjust if there are discrepancies  

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