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There are a ton of moving pieces to your business. As the Operations Manager, you have people consitently asking you questions about their position or the product. Ekos is here to help you keep all of your business info in one place. We have 4 top features that will help - forecasting raw materials as well as finished product, custom reporting with departmental dashboards, current inventory by location, and an inventory approval process for your sales' team.

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Operations Manager


Forecasting Tools for Raw Material & Finished Goods Inventory

Forecasting your ingredients and finished goods is important to maintaining a consistent production schedule and accurate invoices. With the forecasting tool in Ekos, you can view the anticipated ingredient usage by category based on the batches you have planned, as well as expected packaging types.

  • Filter by month, week, or year – get specific on the dates you want to see
  • See the fluctuation of finished goods based on packaging plans and invoices
  • Understand where your ingredients are falling below your set reorder threshold
  • Click into specific columns to see details on associated purchase orders, inventory receipts, batches, or invoices


Custom Reporting & Department Dashboards

Ekos offers detailed, customizable reports that provide information on all areas of the business. These reports can be turned into dashboards, allowing for greater insight into individual sales metrics, production schedules, and overall business statuses.

  • My Sales Dashboards to give individual users insight into their goals and performance
  • Production reports and dashboards that show scheduled and planned ingredient usage, packaging plans, and details specific to your operations
  • Reports ranging from COGS, finished goods on hand, sales metrics, taproom activity, and excise tax – just to name a few


Updated Real—Time Inventory by Location

Understanding where your inventory is always is imperative to the planning process. Ekos updates your inventory in real time when ingredients are used in batches or finished goods are created. Having live data available at the click of a button lets you rest easy that you're on track.

  • With a simple click on the facility view, check inventory in each storage location
  • Run reports on current inventory, whether raw materials or finished goods
  • See real time updates as multiple users are working in the system


Inventory Approval Process for Sales Teams

Operating a management chain of approval is important for large teams, the Ekos provides you with an approval process to maintain your operational workflow. By setting controls to send all sales orders to a manager for approval, you gain insight to your customer's requests.

  • Sales reps create a sales order and submit for review by a manager, allowing for a checkpoint before an invoice is created
  • Sales orders are easily modified if needed, allowing for adjustments to cost, products, or deposits
  • Approved sales orders return to the sales rep and is converted to an invoice, which reserves the included products for that customer

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