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You started your brewery or cidery out of passion, but you may not have realized all the components needed to keep your business afloat — not to mention support future growth. You want to stay connected to what's happening  throughout the company, and Ekos brewery management software allows you to do just that through our cloud-based business management system. With your management login in Ekos, you're able to be on the same page as your entire team to see how things are progressing in real time, from the production floor to sales reps on the road. Below are four features that help keep you up to date: custom reporting, tax reporting, cost of goods sold, and integrations with QuickBooks and Xero.

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Simple TTB Reports with System Tags

With system tags, you can specify the exact moment your batch changes tax classifications and account for material and production taxes. The more information you supply in Ekos, the more you'll be able to get back.

  • Ekos easily compiles the data you'll need to generate your company's TTB reports based on the system tags you’ve applied
  • Ready to pull a report? Pick the year and the time frame you need, generate the report, and watch the data populate
  • The BROP and 702 populate drillable data, so you can dig into the numbers and have transparency into your business operations


Custom Reporting

With Ekos reporting, you'll have access to grab analytics from every part of your brewing business. This will give you new insight into your business processes.

  • You can run the Cost of Goods Sold report to see a breakdown of what was sold, what it sold for, and what your gross profit was  
  • Use the General Batch Info report to see how much it's costing you to produce a batch of one of your delicious beers, ciders, or wines and measure your production loss
  • If there's a piece of information missing from a report, you can easily customize the report so it includes that information in the future 


Department Dashboards

Ekos reports can be turned into dashboards, allowing for greater insight into individual sales metrics, production schedules, and overall business KPIs. As a management-level user in Ekos, you have access to all dashboards.

  • Reports and dashboard showing data on planned packaging events, customer demands, and ingredient usage 
  • Retrieve data on beer packaged by week, month, or year to view trend history 
  • See on-hand quantity of kegged, bottled, and canned beer or cider with storage location information and average cost 


Sync with Accounting Platforms

Your brewing (or fermenting) history started before Ekos came into the picture. We're here to help make that process seamless. Ekos offers integration with QuickBooks and Xero, along with import/export features for other accounting platforms.

  • Ekos syncs seamlessly to QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop Editions
  • Mapping to your accounts of your choice, the integration avoids errors made in double-entry accounting
  • See info entered in Ekos flow straight to your income, COGS, and Asset accounts
  • No more creating invoices, vendor bills, and journal entries — make them in Ekos and they automatically sync to QuickBooks or Xero

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