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You've been entrusted with packaging your craft brew to get it to your ultimate fans. This is no light feat - not to include there are multiple ways a customer can consume your beverage. Bringing planning to the forefront of your team's agenda - to make sure you have everything needed to make things go off with a hitch - is not a small task and involves multiple departments. Ekos has 4 features that will help your team forecast materials needed, know packaging plans, create tasks for the team, and give you customized reporting. Learn how below.

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Packaging Specialist


Forecasting Tools for Raw Material Usage

Forecasting your ingredients and packaging materials is important to maintaining a consistent production schedule. With the forecasting tool in Ekos, you can view the anticipated ingredient and item usage by category - based on the batches planned by the production team.

  • With our brewing calendar you can filter by month, week, or year – get specific on the dates you want to see 
  • Understand where your ingredients and packaging items are falling below your set reorder threshold, and create purchase orders if needed 
  • Click into specific columns to see details on associated purchase orders, inventory receipts, or batches, understanding what finished goods are in demand 


Packaging Plans for each Batch

Adding packaging plans for each batch allows you to estimate the finished good products that will come from a specific batch. These plans feed into your brewing calendar, allowing your team (especially sales) to see the anticipated finished good inventory coming down the line.

  • Plan out specific quantities, in specific packaging types 
  • View the quantity planed versus quantity packaged, to know if you met your goal 
  • Feed into the forecasting tool, allowing you to see the difference between quantities packaged versus quantity on invoices. You know where you may fall short. 


Task Management for Teams/ Individuals

Our craft software treats all batches as projects – allowing you to assign packaging tasks to your team or to individual users. The task management feature allows you more control over the operational workflow and the ability to verify tasks are being completed.

  • View the packaging plans from a high-level view, or by individually assigned tasks 
  • Have individual task lists per user, allowing for focused work 
  • Match packaging plans to the executed packaging events, seeing any discrepancies  


Custom Reporting & Department Dashboards

Ekos offers detailed, customizable reports that provide information on all areas of the business. These reports can be turned into dashboards, allowing for greater insight into packaging plans, ingredient and packaging item usage, and customer demand

  • Reports and dashboard showing data on planned packaging events, customer demands, and ingredient usage 
  • Retrieve data on beer packaged by week, month, or year to view trend history 
  • See on-hand quantity of beer-kegged and beer-packaged with storage location information and average cost 

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