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QA/QC - Fermentation Specialist

As a QA/QC Specialist or Fermentation Specialist, the quality of all goods lies in your hands. With Ekos brewing software, we help you track everything you need! Create custom dashboards to track the information that's most important to you, all while being able to see in-progress batches in real time. View production plans from a high-level view so you know what's in the queue for QC and assign tasks to lab technicians. As you conduct quality tests, Ekos gives you the ability to easily add fermentation and conditioning logs so you can keep track of your measurements and share them with other team members as needed.

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QA/QC - Fermentation Specialist


Custom Reporting and Department Dashboards

Ekos offers detailed, customizable reports that provide information on scheduled, in-progress, and finished batches; fermentation and quality control readings and notes; and updated real-time inventory.

·      Dashboards to give QA/QC team insight into current production numbers and related QC measurements

·      Production reports and dashboards that show batch
schedule, planned ingredient usage, and packaging plans

·      Easily see in-progress and finished batches as well as the location of the product so you can take samples and perform tests in a timely manner


Task Management for Teams & Individuals

Ekos production management software treats all batches as projects, allowing you to assign lab, maintenance, or cleaning tasks to your team or to individual users. The task management feature allows you more control over your workflow and the ability to verify tasks are being completed.

·      View the production plans from a high-level view or by individually assigned tasks

·      Have individual task lists per user, allowing for focused work

·      Match brewing calendar production plans to associated QA/QC tests and readings to ensure every batch gets the appropriate attention


Robust Fermentation Logs and Data Visualizations

For each batch, you can add attributes such as temperature, gravity, pH, and cell count as readings are taken. You can also add notes about the taste and aroma of the batch. All of this information can be combined into a report that shows the logs for all batches currently fermenting.

·      Add logs at any point during the craft brew batch process with ease

·      Refer to the fermentation logs by viewing the batch or using the Fermentation Log report.

·      Export the Fermentation Log report to share with managers, brewers, or other team members

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