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Being in front of your company's customers is your job. Making sure you have the right account info at each location can be a challenge. Ekos sales and distribution software is here to help you on the road. Below are 4 top features that help Sales Rep's do their job more efficiently - from knowing real-time inventory, sales activity tracking, to the rep's personal dashboard, and having account history info in one place.

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Updated Real-Time Inventory by location

Understanding what inventory is available is imperative to the planning process. Ekos updates your inventory in real-time when finished goods are created or added to an invoice. Having live data available at the click of a button lets you rest easy that you're on track.

  • With a simple click on the facility view, check inventory in each storage location 
  • Run reports on current inventory for finished goods 
  • See real time updates as multiple users are working in the system 


Sales Activity Tracking

Ekos craft software allows you, the sales team, to assign activities to yourself to track communication, drop-in visits, and customer relations. These activities can be created through your home page in Ekos, or directly in a customer profile.

  • Assign activities to specific customers to track your touch points, including separate follow-up activities  
  • Access to a Daily Planner view on your home page, allowing insight into upcoming activities 
  • Full month view of all upcoming activities, showing completed and outstanding activities  


Sales Dashboard for Personal Sales Stats

The mySales Dashboard shows you, the logged in user, data that is tied to your user and sales rep accounts. This dashboard allows a focused look into your activities, sales, top customers, and revenue numbers. Remember, the mySales Dashboard shows only data related to the logged in user.

  • Shows your top 10 customers this month and their total revenue generated  
  • Shows the revenue of packaged product by item class and per brand/product of packaged goods 
  • Provides all sales YTD and MTD 
  • Provides a quick look into available finished goods inventory  


Account History & Notes

Ekos brewery software stores everything created for customers within their customer account profile. Within these customer accounts, you can view all sales orders, invoices, deposits, and more associated to that specific customer. You can track emails sent via Ekos, as well as activities and custom delivery times.

  • View all history by specific customer, allowing you a focused look into their patterns 
  • Ensure invoices have been emailed through the Email History section 
  • Track activity status, complete activities, and add new ones through the same Activities section 

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