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Taproom Manager

Your team is the front line for the business. Customers are continually asking them all kinds of questions and it's on you to make sure they have the right info. Whether it's a great day in the taproom or not so great day - you're there to help your team! Ekos is here to help keep your team up-to-date with current inventory and special taproom events. Below are 4 features in Ekos ready to keep your team up-to-date - special event registrations, custom reporting, real-time inventory, and keg tracking.

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Taproom Manager


Order Reservations for Special Events

Taprooms have become event driven. Ekos helps make this more manageable by giving the Taproom Manager the ability to reserve items for special events happening.

  • Create a taproom order that includes the items you'll need for an event. If your item is in Ekos, that item can be added to an order. 
  • Save your new order to reserve those items. The inventory will automatically be removed from the breweries inventory giving the brewery an updated view of their new quantity on hand. 


Custom Reporting & Department Dashboards

Ekos offers detailed, customizable reports that provide information on all areas of the business. These reports can be turned into dashboards, allowing for greater insight into packaging plans, ingredient and packaging item usage, and customer demand

  • Reports and dashboard showing data on planned packaging events, customer demands, and ingredient usage 
  • Retrieve data on beer packaged by week, month, or year to view trend history 
  • See on-hand quantity of beer - kegged and beer - packaged with storage location information and average cost 


Updated Real-Time Inventory by Location

Understanding where your inventory is always is imperative to the planning process. ekos_ updates your inventory in real time when ingredients are used in batches or finished goods are created. Having live data available at the click of a button lets you rest easy that you're on track.

  • With a simple click on the facility view, check inventory in each storage location 
  • Run reports on current inventory, whether raw materials or finished goods 
  • See real time updates as multiple users are working in the system 


Keg Return Management

Ekos offers a featured module to track keg assets, from packaging to customer sale to keg return. Asset tracking is beneficial for all team members, and delivery drivers can track the exact kegs pulled for each customer.

  • Scan a mass amount of assets at one time for management approval and credit allocation 
  • Every item that is tracked using a bar code will have a history record, giving you further insight into the movements of that asset. 
  • Associate assets to specific invoices, knowing the exact item that went to each customer 

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