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Taproom Staff

Working in a taproom is one of the more hectic jobs at a brewery — even in the "slow" periods (and there aren't many of those). There's always something to be done to keep customers happy, and we know a customer experience can make or break the craft brewing business. Ekos is here to help you manage inventory and kegs more efficiently so you can focus on patrons in the taproom. Below are brief overviews of two Ekos features designed to help the taproom staff — updated real-time inventory and keg return management.

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Taproom Staff


Updated Real-Time Inventory

Knowing the location of finished inventory is imperative to the planning process. Ekos updates inventory in real time when batches are finished, packaged, and ready to be sold in the taproom. Having live data available at the click of a button provides easy access to any batch or product information you need.

·       With a simple click on the facility view, check inventory in each storage location

·       Run reports on current inventory, whether raw materials or finished goods

·       See real-time updates as multiple users are working in the system


Keg Return Management

Taproom staff can return used kegs in the taproom through our easy brewery and cidery management software. This helps the whole team know where kegs are and which are available for use at any given time.

·       Easily scan in used kegs using your mobile device with the Ekos app

·       View finished inventory in the Taproom location in Ekos to see what kegs are currently listed there and make adjustments as kegs are kicked or removed from the tap lineup


Task Management for Teams & Individuals

The mySales Dashboard shows the logged in user data tied to user and sales rep accounts. This dashboard allows a focused look into your activities, sales, top customers, and revenue numbers. Remember, the mySales Dashboard shows only data related to the logged-in user — not the sales team as a whole.

· Since inventory is seamlessly updated, you'll always know the current cost of a batch.

· As the cost of the beer flows to the finished goods, Ekos will keep a current analysis on Cost of Goods Sold


Sync with Accounting Platforms

Ekos stores all customer information within their profile, so you can easily view it from anywhere — whether you're in the office or on the road. Within these customer accounts, you can view all sales orders, invoices, deposits, and more associated to that specific customer. You can even track emails sent via Ekos as well as activities and custom delivery times.

· Ekos syncs seamlessly to Xero, QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks Desktop Editions

· Mapping to your accounts of your choice, the
integration takes away almost all manual entry that is done

· See info entered in Ekos flow straight to
your income, COGS, and Asset accounts

· No more creating invoices, vendor bills, and
journal entries — make them in Ekos and
they automatically sync to Xero and QuickBooks

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