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Warehouse Lead

As the Warehouse Lead knowing what is coming in and out, in addition to the inventory you have on hand is key. You have your hands full with your own tasks, add to that having to ensure everyone is completing their daily tasks and staying on track. We have 4 top features that will help - customizable pick lists & delivery routes, real-time inventory, keg tracking, and flexible shipping dashboards.

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Warehouse Lead


Customizable Pick Lists & Delivery Routes

Our sales and distribution software functions help you make delivery schedules, assign invoices to specific drivers, and oversee the delivery process through the shipments icon. You can also create lists, which include the items and how many need to be delivered.

  • View open and completed deliveries to keep track of driver efficiency and performance
  • Assign invoices to specific drivers, track the status of deliveries, and post invoices when delivered.
  • Make a bill of lading to display items being shipped, including any weight information that is associated.


Updated Real-Time Inventory

Knowing the location of your inventory is critical to the planning process. Ekos updates inventory in real-time when ingredients are used in production. Having data available at the click of a button or on any of your mobile devices, allows you rest easy that you're on schedule.

  • Simply click on the facility view, to check inventory in each storage location
  • Run reports on current inventory, such as raw materials or finished goods
  • See real-time updates as users are working in Ekos from any device


Keg Tracking

Ekos offers a featured module to track your kegs, from packaging to customer sale to keg return. Warehouse Leads can track the exact keg pulled for each customer helping with better organization.

  • Scan a mass amount of kegs at one time for management approval and credit a location
  • Associate kegs to specific invoices, knowing the exact keg that went to each customer
  • Mobile scanning gives your team the ability to use the camera directly from their mobile device


Flexible Shipping Dashboards

As the Warehouse Lead on your team, you have to know what is coming and going from your warehouse. With our craft management software, we have so many tools to keep you on track and organized.

  • Prepare for upcoming shipments of finished goods and plan the delivery routes based on invoices.
  • For delivery drivers you can assign routes, and print the list of what they need to take directly through the shipments portal.
  • Manage deposits for items like kegs for individual customers through their assigned delivery record and allocate credits as needed.

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