Send keg data from Ekos to MicroStar seamlessly

key benefits

  • Save time by entering keg sales data in only one place for every transaction
  • Ensure important sales information is provided to MicroStar in a timely manner
  • Take one more administrative hurdle out of the keg management process

Keg management can be a headache, which is why many breweries opt for pay-per-fill programs from trusted companies like MicroStar. With MicroStar’s pay-per-fill program, you have the flexibility to get kegs whenever you need them without having to worry about tracking or maintaining your own fleet.

MicroStar already makes your life easier by sending kegs at the right time and picking them up from customers when they’re empty. You can make the process virtually effortless when you pair MicroStar kegs with Ekos.

When you post invoices in Ekos that contain filled MicroStar kegs, you can sync that information directly into your MicroStar account so that their team knows which customers to retrieve kegs from later. You enter the information in one place (Ekos), sync it over, and move on with your day. No double-entry required.