Link your financials to your business processes by syncing with your inventory management software.

key benefits

  • Reduce double-entry accounting
  • Streamline communication between departments
  • Easily view real-time financial data
  • Know true cost of products
  • Create invoices and orders in Ekos that sync to QuickBooks Online and Desktop
  • Collect compliance data for tax reporting
  • Scale easier with all your data living in one place
  • Become more productive and save time

The QuickBooks Online and Desktop integration with Ekos takes your financials to the next level by creating automated accounting processes. This integration will minimize double-entry errors, streamline departmental communication, and collect compliance data — all in one place.

Ekos syncs all your sales data to your QuickBooks Online or Desktop account, from ordering inventory to creating invoices. Instead of your accountant or bookkeeper having to add those in manually after your sales team puts them into Ekos, your information will be automatically synced.

In addition to syncing with the data you’re already adding to Ekos, real-time inventory costs accounting provides a transparent look into what it costs to make each product so you can price your items appropriately and focus on profit.

One of the biggest benefits of the QuickBooks Online and Desktop integration with Ekos is the ability to save time while filing taxes. Custom reports in Ekos allow you to easily pull the data needed for the TTB or other compliance requirements, giving you all the info you need to file your taxes.

Ekos & QuickBooks Integration FAQs

What version of QuickBooks do I need to use this integration?

Ekos integrates with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. For Online, the Essentials version is a minimum requirement. For Desktop, a version from 2012 or more recently is a minimum requirement.

When should I connect Ekos to QuickBooks?

We recommend setting up the integration after your team has completed onboarding with the customer success team at Ekos. Once the QuickBooks integration is active, you have the option to sync all inventory receipts, companies, invoices, credit memos, and journal entries in Ekos.

I’m already an Ekos user. How do I start the process of activating the integration?

Reach out to our team to confirm the QuickBooks integration is included with your Ekos subscription. Once confirmed, our support team first needs to review your chart of accounts and will assist in the setup process, including providing recommendations for a successful integration. Get more information about setup in the Knowledge Base.

How often does the sync between systems take place?

For Online users, the sync will occur every 4 to 6 hours. Manual syncs can be initiated as needed. For Desktop users, manual syncs will be made using the Ekos QuickBooks sync application.

Where should I make changes — in Ekos or QuickBooks?

The integration works by sending your transaction data in Ekos over to QuickBooks. Always make changes in Ekos as it is imperative for the sync to work correctly. All changes to customers, vendors, invoices, credit memos, and inventory receipts should be made in Ekos and will be synced.

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