Giving craft producers valuable insights from distribution data

Customer Pilot Phase

key benefits

  • Make sense of the distribution data you need to optimize revenue
  • Meet market demand by knowing what to produce and how much
  • Discover new accounts and know where to sell your products
  • Decrease time spent entering product information in both Ekos and VIP
  • Increase efficiency of administrative tasks related to distribution

A new relationship between Ekos and trusted data provider VIP will transform the way beer and wine producers sell. Currently in the customer pilot phase, this integration will bring together producer and distributor data between Ekos and VIP to take the pain out of three-tier distribution for craft makers.

Planned Features for the Future Ekos & VIP Integration*

  • See up-to-date distributor depletion data within Ekos
  • Use VIP data to forecast demand in the new Ekos demand planner tool
  • Sync product images and descriptions to VIP, centralizing your product information and helping you promote your brand
  • Import list of master distributor and outlet files, making it easy to onboard with Ekos and connect VIP data with your customers in Ekos
  • Automatically send shipment information from Ekos to distributors to update their starting inventory in VIP

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*Features subject to change, without notice, based on customer feedback and market research