14th Star Brewing Co.



produced in 2018



served via distribution



since implementing Ekos in 2014

See how Ekos helped organize their inventory processes to continue their exponential growth.


14th Star Brewing Co.

St. Albans, VT


Opened in 2012

Veteran owned

25 Employees


Starting as a dream in the Afghanistan mountains, 14th Star Brewing Co. now produces over 7,500 barrels of beer annually. In 2012, 14th Star Brewing was started in a 3.5 barrel pilot system and just 2 years into production moved into a 30 barrel facility. Working with 6 distributors, you can find 14th Star beer in Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and New York. While the company continues to grow, the founders' core value of serving the community remains at the center of their business model.


With their exponential growth, 14th Star Brewing Co. expanded into a new facility, hired additional staff members, and found themselves needing more raw materials. With more employees and more to manage, the 14th Star team needed to establish fluid, effective communication throughout their business lines. Specifically, they were looking for an inventory management system to help create a more efficient process for tracking inventory from raw materials to finished goods without skipping a beat. Enter Ekos, providing tools for their team to help streamline operations, inventory, and production.


Since 14th Star Brewing Co. has implemented Ekos, tracking what is coming in and going out of the brewery has been a breeze. Through tracking all areas of production, Ekos features have helped their team better identify profit margins and areas of inefficiencies. Implementing a brewery management system has helped their business generate thousands of dollars in extra revenue yearly.

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