Great Raft Brewing



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circulating their beer to customers.



of production growth over 3 years

See how Ekos provided tools to streamline their inventory woes to maintain their solid lead as the top brewery in Louisiana.


Great Raft Brewing

Shreveport, Louisiana


24 Team Members

1 Location

9K Barrels in 2018


Great Raft Brewing was started by Louisiana natives with a passion for beer. The founders saw an opportunity to bring something they love back to their hometown, and when Great Raft opened it was the first brewery in Shreveport, Louisiana since before Prohibition. Great Raft Brewing has secured its spot as a top beer-maker in Louisiana since opening in 2013. The positive response to their beer began to grow beyond their backyard, and they expanded distribution - doubling their barrel production each of their first three years in business. With this growth, they were in need of the right tools to guide their brewery through the continued expansion. Enter Ekos.


What we learned after meeting with Great Raft is that their team is the best of the best when it comes to brewing great beer. They distribute their product in three states to seven different distributors. They’ve done their research, putting their knowledge to work by implementing top of the line quality control plans. This team had legalities, inventory packing, and delivery down – but were in need of tools to help with forecasting, tracking, and monitoring their inventory. Fortunately, Ekos Brewmaster has been able to streamline these areas to save their team hours of manual labor.


Great Raft has implemented our brewery management software, allowing them to organize their fragmented inventory process into a fully integrated, smooth-running system. We’ve helped them dramatically improve their forecasting capabilities, freeing up both time and stress to focus on continuing the growth of their brewery. With Ekos now on board, Great Raft can rest easy knowing they have enough raw ingredients to fill orders, providing accurate and on time deliveries. Now they keep their attention on what matters most to them: creating the best possible product for their customers. We forecast lots of growth in Great Raft’s future.

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