Raleigh Brewing Company



produced in 2018


Female-Owned Brewery

in North Carolina



serviced by self-distribution

Learn how Ekos helped optimized their accounting processes to gain more business insights.


Raleigh Brewing Company

Raleigh, NC


1st NC female owned brewery

Opened in 2010

Largest self-distribution in the Triangle



Being the first female owned brewery in NC, Raleigh Brewing Company brings the pride of their city into their business. Entirely based around self-distribution, Raleigh Brewing Company is now the 3rd largest production brewery in Wake County. Not only do they brew some of Raleigh's finest beer, but they are also home to Atlantic Brew Supply and ABS Commercial. With managing 3 different business lines, while wearing multiple hats - they've learned communication and insights into the businesses are vital. Enter ekos_.


What we learned after meeting with Raleigh Brewing Company, is that they are above the industry curve with how they are using Ekos. With already housing all their data in Ekos, they were looking to refine business processes and operations to run more effectively. Refining these processes would increase their operational efficiencies and financial transparency.


Since taking a deeper dive into their accounting processes with Ekos, Raleigh Brewing has been able to refine their operations and gain more insights into their numbers. By looking into QuickBooks and refining their financial process, they've received more insight into their bottom line. And not just for Raleigh Brewing Company - but also throughout Atlantic Brew Supply and ABS Commercial. Saving a team who wears multiple hats hours of invaluable time. Now with Ekos' help Raleigh Brewing continues to gain more knowledge into their sales verse expenses to help with future growth.

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