Ska Brewing



served via distribution



produced in 2017


Annual Growth

over 13 years

See how Ekos helped get their sales and distribution channels in order, bringing behind-the-scenes business operations to light.


Ska Brewing

Durango, Colorado


1995 Ska opened their doors

63 Employees

22 Distributors

You can find Ska beer in 4 countries.


Ska isn’t new to the brewing game, but each period of growth for them translates to a different learning curve with a new set of complex operations to figure out. They also opted to self-distribute in addition to working with outside distribution companies. While this allows them more control and less financial output, it brings a constant set of hoops they need to jump through and a constant state of perplexity concerning behind-the-scenes operations. They needed a clear financial reporting system, as well as a system that could account for all the day to day nuances of their business.


Their strength lies in diving deep into each of their distribution markets. Cautious of expanding too quickly without understanding a market, identify who they’re selling to and what those people are looking for. Focusing on future strategy, made them realize daily brewery operations tasks were keeping sales at arm’s length. Enter Ekos - stepping in to organize their sales, allowing them to get back to managing their brewing.


Ska has implemented the Ekos platform, allowing them to transition their sales system into an easy to view and use brewery management software. Doing the legwork for them, so they’re set up and ready to rock. With Ekos in place, Ska can focus more on an overall strategy for continual growth. Leaving all the mind-boggling details to Ekos to handle. Keeping them prepared to continue moving forward with new ideas and future plans!

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