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"Ekos lets the owners of the company see what’s going on at a glance."


Three Notch’d Brewing Company

Charlottesville, VA


Opened in 2013
Ekos customer since 2016
QuickBooks Desktop integration


Three Notch’d Brewery was started by three friends in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2013. The brewery gets its name from colonial-era history and celebrates Virginians who have made their mark on the world. Three Notch’d has grown significantly in the past few years and now has two brewpubs and two taprooms across the state of Virginia. They call their taprooms “collab houses” and look for opportunities to collaborate on beers with local restaurants, organizations, non-profits and homebrewers.


Originally, the owners were using QuickBooks to try to track production in addition to accounting, but it was clunky and not the right solution. As the company grew, they recognized the need for a software that could manage the beer production process along with invoicing and sales on the distribution side and selected Ekos in 2016. They created two separate Ekos accounts – one for the brewery and one for distribution – and work with two accountants to stay on top of financial reporting.


With Ekos, Three Notch’d is able to sync seamlessly with QuickBooks Desktop to make accounting processes easy. “The nice thing about Ekos is that all brewery invoices automatically come over to QuickBooks,” said Kelly Fitch, accountant at Three Notch’d. This makes it easy to double check and ensure everything is accurate without any manual data entry, saving the brewery valuable time and resources each month – in excess of 20 hours. “On the distributor side, we generate 50-60 invoices each day that have to be synced with QuickBooks. Without the Ekos sync, it would be horrible,” said Kelly Fitch. Kelly and the other Three Notch’d accountant also use Ekos to check the accuracy of invoices in QuickBooks, organize ABC codes for each product, and manage glassware and merchandise POs and inventory. Kelly says the bulk of her time in Ekos is spent on generating end of month reports. With Ekos, it is easy to view transactional reports of inventory used and see what products were sold or transferred to the taproom. “Ekos is your brewery dashboard,” said Kelly. “Ekos lets the owners of the company see what’s going on at a glance.”

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